Wired and Dangerous

by David Johnson on May 25, 2011


“How your customers have changed and what to do about it”

One of my Decooda Advisors, John Patterson co-authored, and just released Wired and Dangerous:  How Your Customers Have Changed and what to do about it.

Wired and dangerous creates a great picture of today’s new normal customer. Customers are wired in two ways—they are under pressure and time constrained and quick to “say goodbye” on the slightest hiccup.  But, they are also wired in the sense they are “plugged in” and can communicate instantly with hundreds or thousands of other customers.  This can be great, but it can also be dangerous.  If they receive poor service they talk back instantaneously — with a single snarky little video or damning review gone viral.

In this book, John and Chip provide a well thought out formula for transforming today’s edgy customers into eager partners. They use great examples, and they detail powerful ways to bring harmony to a relationship that was out of whack well before the social media got into high gear.

There are several topics I like that they address:

  • Customer Forensics
  • Customer Anthropology
  • Service Scenography

If you’re interested in identifying the opportunities that exist in todays social “wild west,” and more importantly, want to learn how capitalize on these opportunities by creating a better customer experiences…check John’s book out.




David Johnson

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