Our new company – Decooda [dee-kohd-ah]

by David Johnson on May 27, 2011


“Is it really any wonder why most companies are skeptical of the value of social media data and the associated tool providers?”

I’ve talked with three Fortune 10 companies and several mid-size companies over the last few weeks, and they all say the same thing, “…the current crop of social media monitoring tools are okay for PR monitoring, but they don’t provide any real actionable insights for marketing.”

This is what I explain to everyone I talk too:

Social media is a relatively new domain that is first now being dissected.  And because it’s new, unfortunately, both customers and tool providers are learning on the job (I mean on the customers back).  As a result, most companies are simply paying way too much for the obvious.  Decooda’s approach is going to be different; we plan on giving away the basics and charging only for the “heavy lifting” most companies struggle to deliver.  Why? Because we can.

We didn’t rush to market, so we’ve had the time to identify what works, and what doesn’t work.  We’ve also benefitted from a new infrastructure design, which affords us the lowest-cost operating model, while providing the best solution performance.

What is Social Media Heavy Lifting?

If you are not getting what you want out of your current social media monitoring and marketing analytics investments, give me a call I will personally try to eliminate the fog that surrounds social media and marketing performance measurement.


David Johnson



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