We can analyze and code free-text customer survey responses with 90%+ accuracy!

by David Johnson on June 9, 2011

Ready to go down a new path?

We just finished the analysis and coding of 47,000 customer survey response verbatims with 97% accuracy in 2 minutes.  This is the second analysis that we’ve completed like this, with almost identical results.  However, I understand there are skeptics who don’t believe this is possible.

Up for the challenge? Decooda will take on the first 5 challenges.  We will analyze and code your free-text verbatim responses (including multiple languages).  We will take on as many responses as you are willing to provide, and will plan to respond with our results within hours of receiving the data. All we want in return is the opportunity to ask a few questions and the right to publish the results on our website and on our TV Channel  (http://youtube.com/decoodatv).

No catch; we just want to demonstrate to the market that machine-based survey response coding can deliver reliable results that can be defended.

We will deliver the results.  Bring on the challenges…


David Johnson


Directions for how to enter the challenge:

1 – Complete the “Contact Decooda” from fill (http://decooda.com/contact-decooda/).

2 – Be prepared to provide us with the data:

  • We can just about work with any type of data – the more data the better.
  • A spreadsheet with comma separated or pipe (|) delimited fields would work. If possible, it would be beneficial to have the fields encapsulated in quotes, but it’s not required.
  • As for the content, if we are analyzing a set of responses to surveys or questionnaires it would be great to have the spreadsheet contain:
    • COLUMN A = Question
    • COLUMN B = Response



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